Works in Progress, using Maya 8 and other gfx s/w

Water animation (MP4 quicktime, 340 KB)

Water animation (high quality quicktime, 14 MB)

leaves_1a (quicktime 700 KB)

1ball_3 (quicktime 900 KB)

(17oct06: some bizarre combo of Dreamweaver and my www browser is conspiring to download the MP4 version of the water animation as a plain text file. I've found that I can do a manual download and run the animation locally, but haven't gotten the browser to run it successfully yet)

NB: I'm just exploring media for the web, and finding ways to optimize file size vs quality issues. I'm amazed at the difference between different codecs in this regard. I rely heavily on Quicktime Pro, which I highly recommend as a good basic general purpose utility for animations and audio.

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